Encountering the Lost

South Mountain Part One

After some time of trekking into the heart of the forest, I came across a stream. It was a pleasant sight and compelled me to stop. The water was smoothly trickling between leaves, rocks and branches. I knew it was time to begin experiencing the Word. I began reading John 14-18. While standing there, I suddenly heard a deep voice cry out:


I froze. My eyes darted towards the direction of his feet rustling in the leaves. I quietly positioned myself somewhat behind a tree, unsure if I my presence was already known and whether or not I wanted it to be. Eventually the figure emerged about 25 yards away. A young teenager. To my surprise, he did not seem to know I was there. I took some steps forward, responding, "Hello there!"

He was walking towards me but didn't respond. He was on his phone. Multiple voices through the phone could be heard, trying to give him directions. I stood there, eyeing him as he eyed me.

If he was terrified of a bearded, beanied backpacker standing in the middle of the woods, he didn't show it. But he was scared. He ignored me as he stumbled on by, passing me on the other side of the stream at a 10-yard distance.

He continued to talk back to the device in his hand - "I've only got 4% left. Should I keep going up this stream?" More jabber. "I think I'm close I just need Google Maps to get me home. I'm on 3% now."

Finally I spoke up again. "Hey, do you need any help? I have full percentage," and whipped out my own phone. He turned and looked back at me: "No, I'm okay."

"Alright," I said, as I watched him head up the stream.

People are lost and desperate; they cry out for help. But in their fear for self-security they refuse to be saved.

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