W. Paul Stillman

In 2015, Daniel was commissioned by the Dean to paint a portrait of the Stillman School of Business’ founding donor, W. Paul Stillman. The portrait was unveiled during the School’s 65th Anniversary Celebration.

There's a funny story behind how I kickstarted my art career.

After my freshman year at Seton Hall University, I was determined to paint a whole lot over the summer. But once finals were over, I lapsed into a prolonged state of laziness, being a boring bum and watching TV shows all day. One night, a friend reached out to me and we began talking about how things were going. I shared how I knew that I needed to start being productive but that I didn't feel like it. She told me that she had been praying for motivation for me lately. God has a funny way of answering prayers.

The next day, I totaled my parent's car.

Feeling quite motivated to do something with myself, I began to think about whether or not I should take up some kind of job for the summer. But I didn't want to take time away from painting! Solution? Time to start asking for commissions.

I sent an email to Dean Strawser, and we met up and began to discuss plans for a portrait of W. Paul Stillman. I stumbled around over this and that as they were my first portrait meetings, but she was very patient with me and truly supported my vision. I know few people who are so eager to see their own students succeed. Dean Strawser went the whole nine yards, and the portrait unveiling was held in Jubilee Hall during their Business School's 65th Anniversary Celebration. I had the honor of standing up there and giving a brief speech, and was blessed to have my art teacher and friends come and support me.

Definitely a highlight of my life!


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