The One: YWAM DTS 9

"Who are you, Jesus?" I kept finding myself asking.

"Who do you say I am?" was the answer that would subsequently pop into my mind.

"Who do you say you are?" I'd retort.

"Who do you say I am?" was the reply.

I felt like I needed to read the gospel of John.

Our leaders had given us homework to read one of the gospels, and to then present on our personal findings on who Jesus was to us, looking at what Jesus said about himself and what others had to say about him.

Every time I began to read, I earnestly asked the Lord to reveal himself to me. As I read, I was constantly searching for "titles" that I could attribute to Jesus. By the time I finished, I had come up with 289 titles of Jesus from the gospel of John.

Here are a few that I'd like to share with you. Scroll through and see what pops out!


The one who was constantly asked, "Who are you?"

The one who always answered truthfully

The Logos, the word made flesh

The one who is distinct from God

The one who is God

The giver of life

The light of man

The rejected one

The inviting one

The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world

God unveiled

The one who sees the "unseen"

A partier

The remover of shrouds

The zealous one who demands reverence towards his Father

One who keeps his promises

The one who, whenever he speaks, reveals something about himself

One who talks to those who people say we shouldn't talk to

The gift of God

The one who offers living water and eternal life

The one who makes people so excited that they forget themselves

One who gains energy and sustenance from doing the will of God

The one who finds what we need in order for us to believe, and then makes it happen to those who ask

One who asks before healing us

One who wants us to request healing

One who gives orders without telling us his full plan

One who gives thanks for providence, even when it doesn't seem like there is enough

The one who never drives away those who come to him

The one who is willing to be consumed

The one who remains in those who consume him

One who did things in secret to avoid attention

One who speaks passionately

One who persists against opposition

One who does mysterious things

One who does not seek glory for himself

The one who the Father seeks to (and does) glorify

The one who constantly battled against us - for us, so that we would believe

The one whose voice his followers know

The one who came that they may have life, and have it to the full

The shepherd of one flock, not many

One who responds to questions of fear with answers of confidence

The one whom the high priest prophesied about - that he would die for the Jewish nation and scattered children of God, to make them all one (for that reason they plotted to take his life).

The one who was condemned to die by the high priest

The one who asks us for confirmation to the words and declarations we make

The one who urges and implores and persists to make himself known to his disciples

The one who we must obey in order to love

The one who will not leave us as orphans

The one who is in swirling conjunction with the Father and Holy Spirit

One who was betrayed by one of his closest friends

The one whose words, "I am he," knocked a detachment of soldiers to the ground

The one whose heart was focused on protecting his disciples while being arrested

The one who took the place of a rebel and murderer who was condemned to die - Barabbas

The one rejected by the people he willingly died for

One who was flogged

The one on whose head was placed a crown of thorns

The one clothed in a purple robe and mocked as King of the Jews

One who was struck in the face

One who had no basis for a charge against him

The one who claimed the authority and deity attributed to Caesar

The one who carried his own cross

One who was stripped naked

The one crucified with criminals

The one who ensured his mother would be taken care of being his passing

The one who gave up his spirit of his own authority

The God who died for his children

The one whose tombstone was rolled away

The one who made his bed when he rose!

The one who appeared to she who wept, and called her by name

The one who times everything just right

The one who reveals himself to doubters

The one whose appearance - once recognized - compelled Peter to spontaneously leap out of a boat into water to swim 300ft to him

The one who prepares a place for us

The one who meets us at our level

The one who commands us to take care of his own

The one who goes on walks with us

The one who - finally - was no longer needed to be asked by his disciples, "Who are you?"


This weekend I got to climb four 14ers with an awesome guy named Jordan. YWAM Staff Liz and Steph joined us for the last two, and we got to slide down the mountain!

Since staying committed to pursuing gratefulness and joy, in addition to walking in the truth of who Jesus is, life has been simply amazing. On the way back from the above trip, I was trying to sleep but I couldn't. Why? Because God wouldn't stop showing me the wonders of his artwork as I looked out the window into the valleys and mountains and skies of Colorado - places that I had seen before were filling me with awe.

He delights in me as I delight in him, and his love is unconditional. God is steadily answering my longing prayers for joy. It has been a process for me, but I am so grateful for the journey thus far with him. There's so many more hardships and beautiful things ahead! The adventures never end.


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