When the Disciples Fled

South Mountain Part Two (to read part one, click here)

I finished reading John 14 - 18, as well as the other accounts of his arrest. After the disciples deserted him and fled, I began to run. I ran here and there, ducking under branches, hurdling over thorns. Crossing over paths, I kept to the untrodden forest floor. While descending down a valley, however, I spotted a tree that seemed to glow with ashen leaves, flickering in the gentle breeze.

It was striking - a maturing sapling, sticking out of a graveyard of three large fallen oaks. As I drew near I saw that the 'leaves' were not leaves at all, but flowers.

A cherry tree! I then knew that the Lord was here, and made this place for me.

Climbing onto one of the oaks, I sat under the overhanging flowers. Waiting for me was a fluffy white seed stuck between the branches. Then I knew that the Lord cherished me. Plucking it out, I held it in my hands before letting the breeze take it away.

The death of Jesus is grieving, but from that death came new life - a life of love and tender affection.

Why was this revealed to me on the night I fled with his disciples?

Even when his disciples were fleeing they could not escape the love of the Father.

I am sitting under its flowers now, but it is getting dark, and I must find a place to settle for the night.


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