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A golden light that never fades

2023 -

During a Gilbert family vacation to Hawaii in June of 2022 to celebrate Matt's parents’ 40th wedding anniversary, Matt had secretly cooked up a plan to get a wedding of his own. With the help and semi-secrecy of his family, a "family photoshoot" was devised for the night of June 18th, Matt's parents’ actual anniversary. Unsuspecting Mara was excited to get dressed up for pictures by the beach, while Matt was excited for other reasons. As the sun was setting behind a beautiful backdrop of two trees intertwined, Matt got down on a knee to ask for the same of Mara and Matt’s lives forever. After a champagne toast with family and a fancy dinner date on the water, the two were excited for all the future would hold for them.

This oil painting was Matt’s wedding gift surprise for Mara, commemorating their joyful and dedicated love for each another: a golden light that never fades.


Yes Forever, oil on linen, 36”x28”, painted by Daniel Folta

IMG_0508 2_edited_edited.jpg
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